“Game Over.”

Never has it been an objective of a Super Mario game to hit a screen that says, “you’ve screwed up all of the chances we’ve given you, and that’s the end of it.” In short, it’s “game over” for you. We dread the screen so much so that the developers of the new game, Super Mario Odyssey, decided to take it out entirely.

Taking to the game’s Japanese Twitter account, the developers confirmed that the new game will have no more Game Over screens. A rough translation of the tweet explains the game’s health mechanic, which sees Mario losing 10 coins every time he “plunges to the depths.” Coins replace the traditional lives system of other Mario games.

This introduces a new dynamic into the sandbox game. Replacing the traditional “lives” system in the previous Mario games are coins, which, as the tweet points out, will come in more than ample supply across the playboard.

The idea is to make a Mario game that goes on and on until you’ve hit the castle. “We also wanted people to be able to, you know, you get into a kingdom and you can just kind of continually keep going through that kingdom without being pulled out, so that was why we kind of wanted to get rid of the lives idea,” Yoshiaki Koizumi, the game’s producer, told Polygon at E3 of the decision to do away with lives and 1-Ups. And now, apparently Game Overs too.

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Allow me to play Devil’s advocate: is it us, millennials, and our restless “but I want to keep going” way of thinking that brought us the death (scratch that, the “game over”) of the Game Overs?

One thing’s for sure: this video now offers more value:


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