Instagram has doubtless made the passion for photography mainstream. Living in these times means you are, in one way or another, a content creator, a curator, and, by extension, a photographer. The purist’s argument notwithstanding, I think making photography a mainstream passion is well and good. But if we’re going to do one thing, we might as well be good at it.

This is where our blogger and influencer friends come in, people who made a vocation out of what used to be only a hobby. Beyond professional photographers (and make no mistake, these people are professional photographers), it is bloggers and influencers who are equipped to teach us smartphone and Instagram photography.

I envision this series to come in a number of parts, this being the first. On this post, we’re going to list down five essential photo-editing apps that you’d want in your arsenal.

5 Essential Photography Apps (As Recommended By Pinoy Bloggers)


Perhaps the most popular tool for serious photographers, Lightroom is a staple for bloggers. Dee Gee Razon uses it for shadows/highlights and color correction, as he demonstrates in the two photos below. Vina Guerrero recommends it, so does Joseph Tabor. Camie Juan uses it too, and in fact, has bundles of presets beginner photographers/bloggers can take advantage of. Check it out here.

5 Essential Photography Apps (As Recommended By Pinoy Bloggers)


In the same guide, Dee Gee shows which functions he uses Snapseed for. He’s not wrong too. Among the app’s wide array of tools, the “Selective Tool” allows you to edit a selected portion of a photo using granular controls over Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Structure. This Google-backed photo-editing tool is a must-have for all shutterbugs!

5 Essential Photography Apps (As Recommended By Pinoy Bloggers)


VSCO is another popular photo editing app. Its ease-of-use made it uber-popular to serious and casual photographers alike. Camie wrote an incredible guide detailing how you can use VSCO to up your Instagram game. Dee Gee also put together a useful list of “feed” ideas using VSCO filters. Maria Hazel uses this tool as well!

5 Essential Photography Apps (As Recommended By Pinoy Bloggers)


Let’s circle back to Dee Gee’s guide and take a good look at Afterlight. Dee Gee uses it mostly for the presets and filters. Here are his favorites:

  • Relic
  • Sage
  • Lume
  • Coal
  • Idah
  • Nico
  • Elm

5 Essential Photography Apps (As Recommended By Pinoy Bloggers)


Facetune is mostly used for fine-tuning photos. Among its suite of tools, it is the blemish-correcting feature that’s popular among bloggers. Both John De Leon and Camille Co recommend this tool. Camille has also put up a nice video explaining how she uses Facetune.

Bonus: Darkroom

David Guison uses a different app called Darkroom (it’s available on iOS only), which offers a robust suite of tools with more granular control than those in the apps I’ve mentioned. Here’s a look at how D.G.’s putting those features to use.

5 Essential Photography Apps (As Recommended By Pinoy Bloggers)

Thanks to all the bloggers who contributed to this post!

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