A new Instagram bug is taking the Internet by storm as users all around the globe wonder why they suddenly could not log in to their accounts. Innocent accounts have been prompted with error messages and notifications that they have violated Instagram’s terms and are therefore disabled. Some just have trouble logging in, while some were even asked for a security code.

The Verge revealed that in their exchange with Instagram, the accounts have not really been deleted. They just appear to be. The Verge also reports that Instagram wasn’t trying to delete users with content that seem like violations to the terms. It’s simply just a bug in the system.

The Verge
The Verge

This might just be Instagram’s way of deleting users with no healthy content. Many accounts nowadays are just used for contests and shopping, and can be considered as spam or fake accounts made to increase followers or comments.

However, Instagram also has to understand that fixing these problems should not compensate for the people actually using their app for professional and recreational purposes. Some photographers and influencers use Instagram for their portfolio so having their accounts disabled like this could be a pretty big inconvenience.


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