When I heard we were watching Spiderman: Homecoming in 4DX, I felt nothing. I wasn’t a Marvel comic book fan nor did I watch all the Marvel movies ever made. I did watch all the Spiderman movies, but not to the point of actually having in depth conversations with friends regarding them. I don’t even buy merchandise. So surprisingly I just said yes and went.

Aside from the blurry 3d glasses I got that forced me to just remove them for the rest of the film, I honestly enjoyed this new experience! Here are 10 reasons why you should totally watch Spiderman: Homecoming in 4DX:

1. It’s one hell of a ride.

4DX is a kind of motion picture technology that stimulates all the possible senses. There are 4DX theatres that can even simulate your sense of smell! Of course, it all depends on the movie you’re watching. But wait, there’s more.

The experience is almost like a timid simulation roller coaster. You’re placed on this specialized seat that tilts and moves according to what is currently happening in the film. Sometimes, it feels like sitting on a massage chair where your back gets gently nudged during action-packed scenes.

The whole theatre is a ride. Lights and fans surround the edges of the ceiling to simulate lightning storms, sparks, and flying. It’s almost like being in a theme park.


2. The 3D effect isn’t just the foreground lifted off the background.

I really can’t stand 3D movies because I feel that it’s nauseating and corny. It’s not supposed to be a pop-up book, everyone! The 4DX experience really shows you proper depth that makes you feel like you’re in the setting. The detail and effort they put into this is insane, so it’s definitely a must try.

3. You can experience this all in the city.

The best part about all this is you can experience 4DX right in the city. You don’t have to go to a theme park outside town or spend a lot to go abroad. The 4DX technology is right here in Metro Manila.

Greenbelt 3, UP Town Center, and Cinema Square in BGC all have specialized theatres for the 4DX experience. While it’s not the “real deal” when it compared to simulation rides you can get in theme parks, it’s the new innovative way to enjoy cinema you shouldn’t miss out on.


4. 4DX was just the little extra thing that made Spiderman more enjoyable.

The 4DX thing was great, but it was only a little something extra on top of a good film. You might not get to experience what it’s like to be Peter Parker himself, but it will feel like you’re always right there beside him beating the bad guys.

5. You will feel like you’re swinging on the webs just like Spiderman.

The fans and moving seats are neatly choreographed to make you feel like you’re actually following Spiderman around and doing the things he’s doing. The only thing that’s lacking is your Spiderman suit!

6. It’s enjoyable for all audiences.

The kids in the movie theater absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. It was like an amusement park ride with all the sensory stimulation. The movie is rated PG, but I assure you that the whole film is still suitable for children watching.

No spoilers but Spiderman: Homecoming is an inspiring film for anyone struggling to find their true potential.

Note that the 4DX minimum height requirement is 3 feet and 6 inches. And do consider if you have motion sickness, high blood pressure, or any health concerns that can easily be aggravated by motion seats and flashing lights.

7. It’s one of the best Spiderman films ever, according to both fans and critics.


Now let’s talk about the movie. The whole film was pretty well done, but for the Marvel newbie it might be a little underwhelming.

The movie really highlights the capabilities of Peter Parker as Spiderman, without putting aside the fact that he’s a teen and a high school student. Maybe he has superpowers, but what we’re really following is his journey from being an innocent high school student with enormous dreams, to a hero from his own capabilities and limitations.

“But in the end, it comes down to Marvel’s deep reverence for character, and the studio’s understanding that every superhero is different. “ – Christopher Orr, The Atlantic

8. Zendaya is the best part of this whole movie, tbh.

I really loved Zendaya’s character, Michelle. Michelle is introduced in the film as a “nerdy” girl with no friends to eat with during lunch. As the movie progresses, so does her character. Her one-liners give you a glimpse of what she’s like, but not who she really is. She’s witty and is initially a comic relief but wait ’til the end to find out if Michelle could possibly play an important role Peter Parker’s life.

But before that reveal, she’s just so funny and charming! It’s so ironic because she’s presented as this gloomy girl but whenever she says something, the audience just smiles and laughs.

Daily Mail

9. Action-packed without the unnecessary cheesiness.

We don’t follow a romance drama here. This time, we’re actually following a superhero movie. Peter Parker does have a love interest in the movie, Liz, but she’s only but a symbol for both simple motivation and conflict.

Peter wanted to impress her at first, but decided that Spiderman wasn’t “a party trick”. He saved her life once, but the plot isn’t about him saving the world for her. Spoiler alert! Heck, they don’t even end up together since Liz had to move to Oregon.

10. You will have a lot to talk about.

After the movie, we assure you that you will have a bunch of things to talk about: Tom Holland, the plot, the wind that blew your cap away. And maybe how you wish the 4DX seats came with bubbles, water showers, and scents. Spiderman: Homecoming is the real superhero movie you’ve been waiting for your whole life and you should definitely watch it in 4DX.

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