A new study suggests that dogs remember the people who are mean or rude to their owners and will not forgive them.

Don’t be mean to your friend’s dog. Dogs remember the people who are straight up mean or rude to their owners and will not forgive them, or at least receive treats from them. Ever thought your dog wasn’t as loyal as you thought? Looks like they truly are.

Friendly dogs love people, but now it looks like their main person is the only important person in their life. According to a study by Neuroscience & Behavioral Reviews, dogs are willing to forgive people who ignore their owners but not the people who are just rude.

In the experiment, dogs watched as their owners struggled with opening a jar. There were four cases in this experiment – one owner who was gladly helped by a researched, two who were ignored (so no refusal nor acceptance), and one that was totally rejected.

The first three cases resulted in the dogs approval. All’s well, or so you think. The dog with the human who was denied of help by the researcher did not approve of this. When the researcher, the one who refused to help, offered treats to the dog, the dog just went, “NOPE.”

So the next time you go to your friend’s house, you better love their dog and unconditionally love your friend.


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