Overwatch and Paladins both have a lot in common and there are a lot of comments that Paladins is just a copy or clone of Blizzard’s Overwatch. There’s still a fiery debate going on about who copied who first but let’s move away from that topic and talk about why Overwatch is a much better game, here are five reasons why:

Iconic Characters

Overwatch’s characters are popular. They are meant to be recognizable in a flash. They are colorful, diverse, and memorable. They can be seen everywhere — in artworks, conventions, and even in Paladins (That Spanish Reinhardt gave it away). It is packed with a variety of people from various cultures that give representation unlike any other game before.

The heroes in Overwatch have this humanity about them that players usually connect and build stories. These personalities have vivid and colorful personalities and a bonus feature where they interact with one another from time to time. Plus, all characters are available immediately.

Encourages Creativity

While all of Overwatch’s heroes are ready to play, Paladin’s hide more than half of its roster an unlockable. This is not a really big deal because you’ll have to be locked in a single hero throughout the whole game while Overwatch encourages players to swap between heroes when the situation demands you to. Simply put, unlike Overwatch, when you’re being hard-countered in Paladins, you’ll have no other choice but to suck it up and just play the game until it is finished.

Right now, players in Overwatch came up with this meta called “Dive Comp” that focuses more on mobility heroes like Tracer, Genji, and Winston. They are not really overpowered or anything — it just works. The ability to change characters on-the-fly pushes characters to be creative with their gameplay.

Safe RNG System

Both Overwatch and Paladins feature some micro-transactions in-game that are really enticing. But while Overwatch chests are mainly cosmetics and just for the sake having a cool costume, Paladins venture into a dangerous RNG territory. Paladins has one very distinct that’s unique from Overwatch and that is its Card System. Each champion has a set of cards to improve skills, health, reduction of cooldown, and other aspects that you can customize before each loadout.

Of course, this is bad for the game because it favors those who purchase these chests. Plus you’ll pray that both your enemy and ally didn’t pick that one character you decked out first. And did I mention that Paladins try to milk more from you by teasing an extra card that you could earn by buying a temporary boost? That’s just wrong.

More Beautiful to look at

Overwatch is gorgeous to look at and wins hands-down when it comes to graphics. The maps are colorful and realistic plus it has those little those little things that will make you more absorbed in the game (swaying lanterns, exploding arcade machines, etc). These maps are set in different times of day and in various countries around the world. If you have the right specifications on PC and maxed out the game’s graphic performance, you’ll see the immense detail poured into every character and their weapon.

On the other hand, Paladins is also heavily stylized but in such a way that some characters looked “rubbery”. Maps are also colorful but the elements that you’d expect to move remain stationary even when bombs go off. It gets away with the old cartoon-style graphics because it is free-to-play.

Bigger Support and Fan-base

Boasting 30 million active players in just a year, I can safely say that Overwatch has one of the fast-growing fan-based. And it shows. It’s not hard to find something Overwatch-related online and in real life. But fans are the result of the growing game that’s been cultivated by its developers. Interaction with the fans builds trust and shows that you are willing t0 listen to criticism.

In most games, support often goes unnoticed and underappreciated. It may not be a big deal to others but as a gamer who has played franchises that were left out to die, it is refreshing to know that the developers have faith in their own product and constantly fixes the game based on user-inputs.

In all honesty, Overwatch is the superior game with all these reasons listed above. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Which game do you prefer and why? Sound off in the comments section down below.


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