Matcha Green Tea is the newest skin care trend for minimizing and treating acne. It has natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory contents that can help reduce acne redness. Dermatologist Judith Hellman tells Allure that matcha green tea’s catechin “help trap and inactivate free radicals in the skin, thus thwarting many of the signs of aging.”

Matcha is the powdered form of the green tea leaf, so it’s the purest and rawest form of the diluted version we use as a drink. It’s also gentle on all skin types! If you’re planning to incorporate matcha green tea into your 10-step Korean skincare, here are some green tea infused products for every step.


Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser

$26, Sephora

Foam Cleanser

100% Pure Matcha Green Tea Cleansing Foam

$35, 100% Pure


100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Antioxidant Smoothing Scrub

$45, 100% Pure


Milk Makeup Matcha Solid Toner

$26, Sephora


100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Shielding Serum

$55, 100% Pure


H20+ Beauty Aquadefense Shielding Matcha Facial Essence

$42, H20+

Face Mask

Origins Ritualitea Matcha Madness Revitalizing Powder Face Mask

$36, Origins


100% Pure Green Tea Oil Free Hydration SPF 30

$36, 100% Pure

Lazy Beginners’ Guide to Korean Skincare


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