There’s a new viral trend called scanner photography. The act itself of taking photos without using a camera has been around for awhile, but it was only after a Twitter user posted a “scanner selfie”—self-portrait taken using, uh, a scanner—that it exploded, broke the meme-fueled Indio population, and recalled the time when a Korean pop band did it, but didn’t blow up like this.

If you haven’t seen these tweets, it’s worth noting that the photos people are able to produce range from cute to impressive to downright horrifying. There’s a fair amount of all three on this post, so beware.

LIST: These Viral “Scanner Selfies” Are Currently Breaking Twitter

So, this tweeter posted a “scanner selfie”

And others followed suit

These are beautiful (some, funny) self-portraits, until…

If there’s only one person to blame, I think it’s Emma (from Ika-6 Na Utos), quietly contributing to the collective meme-psyche of our fellow Indios. Somewhere, of course, Georgia is #shooketh

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