made a report yesterday about McDonald’s. In celebration of National French Fries Day, the fast food giant is releasing, for a limited time only (and for now a very limited number of stores), its fan-favorite Twister Fries.Nowhere in’s

Nowhere in’s report, however, could we find exactly where. And. We. Just. Had. To. Find. Out. Where.

McDonald's Twister Fries Is Back! But Where Can You Get Them?

Here’s where you can get McDo’s Twister Fries. At the time of this writing, McDo has only dropped it on three different branches in BGC: in McDonald’s BGC Forum; Forbes Town Center; and 32nd Street. So scurry onto those branches if you want to snag a bucket of Twister Fries.

This, of course, is only temporary. And it isn’t crazy to think that McDonald’s is about to make Twister Fries once again to the entire Philippines. Fingers crossed!


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