The Internet was not prepared for Ivanka Trump’s new food venture – hotdogs on skewers topped with Marshmallows. But is this really that strange of a food creation?

Ivanka Trump just threw a party for her daughter’s 6th birthday and included this rather familiar party treat. All this is okay to us Filipinos but for the Internet, it’s just plain weird. It’s not your usual hotdog in a bun or the very debatable hotdog with a slice of cheese.

The food she posted on her Instagram stories was a plate of grilled hotdogs on skewers topped with white marshmallows. Strange at first but not really. The “Mallowdog” is a common party food in Filipino children’s parties. I’m not quite sure how it got there, but we haven’t complained ever since.

Those hotdogs look way overcooked though, but I’m glad Ivanka sticked with traditional and didn’t try to toast the marshmallows.


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