The Old Cafe Ysabel is finally closing its doors on July 31, 2017. On the said closing date, they will be demolishing the original old house structure and will be in the process of rebuilding it in another location. While they plan to recreate the iconic house exterior with the fountain and the steps in the new location, we still think it still won’t be the same as this one.

Cafe Ysabel was a popular first date spot back in the 80’s and you can definitely ask your parents about it, they might remember where they sat and what they ate! Not only is this place beautiful, the food is also extraordinarily good.

I was given a chance to visit Cafe Ysabel last July 18, two weeks before the restaurant officially closes. Entering the restaurant was like going back to one’s ancestral house, complete with the wooden furniture and the candlelit ambiance. In a conversation with Chef Gino Gonzalez, the Cafe Ysabel structure is actually from their original Pampanga house.The light fixtures, furnitures, and other details are from there as well. While the restaurant did have renovations along the way, only thing they had completely changed was the ceilings and walls, now filled with paintings.

Their specialties remain the same as in the past. The Lengua and Paella were still the best things to get from the menu, and they were plated simple but tasted amazing. I don’t know, but for me this place has all the first date feels. So if you haven’t taken your significant other to Cafe Ysabel for a date just yet, you still have a few weeks left!

Cafe Ysabel closes July 31, 2017. They will be back in business in their new location by December 2017.

Cafe Ysabel
455 P. Guevarra Street San Juan City
Quezon City, Philippines 1500


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