Back in February, the Department of Transportation and the Land Transportation Office issued a memorandum that every accredited dealer — both cars and motorcycle — will be required to issue temporary plates with a uniform font and layout. It seems that the government admitted their incompetence by making create our own plates, huh? Well, it backfired. Let’s break it down.

Memorandum released – November 2016

The aforementioned memorandum was first released November last year. It states that temporary license plates provided by dealers must be uniform and follows this design:



he LTO cited unity and visual recognition as their reasons to implement the new order. The LTO is mandating all accredited dealers to follow strict specifications when producing the temporary conduction sticker-based plate. Aside from dictating that Arial Black be used (font size 160-pt. to be exact), it also specifies the use of “reflective sturdy material.”

Additionally, these dealer-made license plates should contain the following information: the words, “Registered” (font size 70-pt.), the LTO regional office where the vehicle was registered (font size 36-pt.), the dealer name (also in font size 36-pt.), and the Motor Vehicle (MV) file number as proof of registration (font size 36-pt.)

They stated that dealers will be subject to sanctions if they fail to comply with these set of rules.

LTO Mandates Memorandum – February 2017

A couple of months later, the LTO finally gave the go-signal for the memorandum and everyone must follow. It seemed half-baked because they failed to answer basic questions such as “what will the motorists and car owners who received their plates before the memorandum do to have the uniform plates?” and “what will the car owners and motorist do if the dealer provided them plates that don’t comply with the memorandum?”

While it is clear that the dealers must create these plates, there has been no news about the vehicles released before the memorandum. Way to go, LTO and DOTr.

LTO Postpones Uniform Temporary Plates – March 2017

A few weeks after the outrage of motorists and car-owners, the Land Transportation Office has issued a new memorandum that they are postponing the standardized temporary plates but reiterating the No OR/CR, No Travel law.

This means that all vehicles released from June 1, 2017, onward will be required to install the standardize temporary plate above. Also, it is important to know that though vehicles released before June 1, 2017, don’t need to replace their plate numbers. If you want to, we suggest that you indicate the MV File Number in your temporary plate clearly to avoid any potential hassle.

Here’s the full memo:

To: All LTO Accredited Dealers
Subject: Deferment of Memorandum Date 11 January 2017 On the Use of Conduction Sticker as Temporary License Plate Number
Date: 23 February 2017

Upon your request to defer implementation of the Memorandum requiring the use of conduction sticker as temporary license plate number, you are hereby notified that your request is granted. The implementation of the subject Memorandum shall be moved to 01 June 2017.

It is reiterated, however, that no motor vehicle shall be used or operated on or upon any highway without being registered (Sec 5 R.A. 4136, as amended).

Edgar C. Galvante
Assistant Secretary


And that’s about it. If you have any questions, do sound off in the comments section down below and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.


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