Balestier Cuisine & Drinks is a beautiful restaurant situated within a quiet barangay in Marikina City. Honestly, there’s just something with the architecture of this place that reels you in. Magic, perhaps?

At first, while looking at the menu, we initially thought maybe Balestier was a Singaporean place. While that is somewhat true, Balestier takes pride in their creative fusion of Asian dishes. Don’t worry, we’ll let the dishes explain that for you.

They have a dish called the Laksa Tsukemen (P375). It’s your spicy noodle soup but… without the soup. The Laksa Tsukemen is a dipping-style noodle dish. After mixing together all the ingredients in the larger bowl, you then take your noodles and dip them in the separate spicy noodle soup on the side. We especially liked this one because of the variety of ingredients that went surprisingly well together. They even have an instruction card so you know how exactly to eat this unique laksa dish!

Because Balestier is in fact a road in Singapore, it’s just right that they serve this iconic Singaporean dish. This is their classic Hainanese Chicken (P315). Let’s face it – this dish doesn’t even look like your regular Hainanese Chicken dish. The beautiful plating is only a precursor to the experience of actually tasting it.

Upon tasting Balestier’s Hainanese, I immediately noticed something different. The ginger wasn’t just ginger. Their special ground ginger mix gave this extra bomb of tangy and spicy flavor you can probably only taste here.

This was the dish we were curious about even before we visited Balestier. It looked like the sandwich and siopao crossover that would finally be the answer to every ‘What do you want for lunch?‘ This is the Pulled Shortrib Baowich. 11/10 would order again if I go to Balestier on my own. The 4-hour braised beef shortrib paired amazingly well with the coleslaw and steamed mantou (one of my favorite dumplings by the way).

For P125, it’s super filling and a great choice if you’re just having lunch alone. Actually, if you think about it, you can even share this with a friend if you’re not too hungry. Big servings are always a plus!

The best part about these Salted Egg Chicken Wings (P275) was that the salted egg was smooth without that jaggy texture that scratches your throat. It was the good kind of spicy, with just the right amount of heat to keep you going and wanting more.

We have to admit we haven’t had cereal prawns before Balestier. These Cereal Prawns (P455) are made with fried prawns, curry leaves, and cereal floss. The coating is light, buttery, and tasty on its own that we might have tried to mix it with our rice.

If you  happen to find yourself in Marikina for the weekend, try out Balestier Cuisine & Drinks. They have a wide array of amazing dishes that will satisfy every single craving. They are a Modern Asian comfort food restaurant after all. You won’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Balestier has plans to become a co-working space soon too so stay tuned for updates!

Balestier Cuisine & Drinks

14 Nicanor Roxas Street, Barangay San Roque

Marikina City / 11am – 10pm


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