Facebook is momma bear to Instagram. In more ways than one, Facebook’s vast developmental and deep algorithmic systems and structures have improved the Instagram that we know today. But an update that Facebook seems to be rolling out appears to be the flip-flop of this typical scenario.

Last year, Instagram introduced a well-received feature called “pinch-to-zoom”, which allows users to zoom in on a photo using a pinch gesture. This is effective in two ways: 1.) users were able to casually zoom in on a photo without going to another screen, and 2.) users could much easier find more content on their feed. As noticed by Napier Lopez of The Next Web, Facebook may have been testing the exact same feature in the past couple of months.

“Though the feature didn’t work on any iOS device we tried,” Lopez reports. “We were able to replicate it on four separate Android phones, so it seems the company is rolling out the feature more widely now.”

Here’s what the feature looks like in the flesh:

No official word from Facebook yet about this update, but we’ll for sure let you know when this becomes official. For now, if you’re an Android user, keep on the lookout if you can seamlessly pinch-zoom a photo without leaving your News Feed—and let’s discuss in the comments below.


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