Get ready for the newest Lush Cosmetics bath bomb. It won’t only turn your bathtub into a vortex to unicorn land but it will also turn your bath water into a jelly and slime. Like a regular Lush bath bomb, the Jelly Bomb fizzes and bubbles your bath water up before the bomb turns water into jelly. These Jelly Bombs have properties that can smoothen and hydrate the skin too!

How does the Lush Jelly Bomb turn my bath water into slime?

The Lush Jelly Bomb releases jelly made from sodium alginate, something from “mineral-rich seaweed.” Of course, Lush has to stay true to its thrust for cruelty-free and vegan products. If you’re wondering how jelly is made from seaweed, just think of gulaman. But that’s made from dried up processed seaweed.

What are the Jelly Bombs available?

Currently there are four Lush Jelly Bombs available for purchase at the Lush UK website – Dark Arts, The Big Sleep, Marmalade, and Green Coconut.

Green Coconut – Tropical and fresh, coconut cream, cinnamon leaf oil

Dark Arts – Magical galaxies, Brazilian orange oil, spicy cinnamon leaf oil

The Big Sleep – Chamomile, lavender, Neroli oil, caramel sweet tonka absolute

Marmalade – Citrus, orange scented jelly, dehydrated orange pieces, juicy grapefruit oil, Brazilian orange oil, orange flower absolute

Jelly Bomb Price and Where to Buy Them

Each Lush Jelly Bomb is priced at£4.95 and are currently only available at the Lush UK Website.


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