Ever since Buzzfeed posted this video of their cast pranking their friends with peel-off makeup, people got curious about the product and wanted to try it for themselves. This product claims to create a thin barrier between your skin and your makeup so you don’t worsen and further irritate acne or any skin problems.

The Farmer Maker Direcsil Face Shield Patch ($13/10ml) is a Korean product that acts like a peel-off face primer. It’s supposed to just separate your skin from makeup, unlike many peel-off skincare products that remove gunk from your pores. It can also be used for protecting your skin from pollutants.


The Farmer Marker Direcsil Face Shield Patch is initially a thick and sticky fluid kind of like slime that goes on transparent and dries, well, not so matte. It’s going to give your face that sheen but you’re going to put foundation and makeup all over it anyway. When the day’s over, you can just simply peel off all the makeup like dried glue and proceed with your nighttime skincare routine.

The Direcsil Face Patch isn’t the only peel-off base there is. YouTuber Raye Boyce also reviewed a product called the Not4U Real Skin Patch ($20) which does exactly the same thing.


The Not4U Real Skin Patch is just made for spot treatments though, so I don’t really think it was a good idea putting that all over your face. Raye also noted that this patch treatment made her makeup super streaky that she couldn’t even put on her contour properly.

Overall, peel-off primers are just for spot treatment, for taking care of those pesky spots without the need for a quite obvious pimple patch. For the whole face? I wouldn’t recommend it. It might end up very uncomfortable for you and one slight move might even start the peeling.


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