The past few Yu-Gi-Oh! video games could be faulted for a number of flaws. But the biggest setback, perhaps, comes from the games’ inability to turn its fans’ Yu-Gi-Oh! wet dreams a reality—to spawn monsters when they play a card.

The original T.C.G.’s (trading card games) have left us the privilege of imagining our monsters sprawl out of their cards, while the video games have tried interjecting admittedly incredible animation. Today, as we embrace A.R. (augmented reality) more and more, the game of Duel Monsters, which the anime proposed to be in fact an A.R. experience, could finally be a reality.

As such, a band of ragtag developers has built a Yu-Gi-Oh! A.R. game that looks eerily similar to that featured in the original anime. Here’s what it looks like:

The game is developed by SlothParadise for Microsoft HoloLens. It’s still in Alpha (at the time of this writing) and, being a fan-made game, unlikely to be published at all in an official capacity. The best thing to come out of this, of course, is that Konami picks up on the idea and develops a legitimate Yu-Gi-Oh! A.R. game, or better yet, work with SlothParadise. They seem to already be treading the right track. Watch their demo here.

What about you? Are you excited for a straight-up Yu-Gi-Oh! A.R. experience? Let us know in the comments, and let’s discuss!


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