Storybook Cosmetics once again teases us with brand new additions to their Wizardry & Witchraft line, four Harry Potter inspired liquid lipsticks. These new lippies matching four shades from their Wizardry and Witchcraft Storybook Palette.

According to Bustle, Storybook Cosmetics has been dropping hints in the comments section as to what the shades are going to be named after. Storybook also revealed to PopSugar that the new Harry Potter lipsticks are exact matches of four shades from their palette namely Sorcerer, Potions, Salem, and Merlin. Sticking to the four houses, perhaps?

The Storybook Cosmetics liquid lipsticks have not been a disappointed to fans around the globe. Their quirky wand and rose shaped brushes have stolen the hearts of many, performing way beyond some makeup users’ expectations.

The new Harry Potter liquid lipsticks will be available this Fall 2017, with no exact date announced as of now. As far as we know, stuff like these lipsticks sell out fast so be sure to keep an eye out for any announcements and sale dates!


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