Angelina Jolie is a force. She’s directed four fiction features since her debut film In The Land Of Blood and Honey (outside of her 2007 documentary A Place In Time). 2014’s Unbroken is a legitimate hit both in the box office and with the critics. Last year’s By The Sea, a film she directed and co-starred alongside Brad Pitt, was a big event picture. Her 2017 film, titled First They Killed My Father, will premiere on Netflix next month, September 14th.

Here’s the trailer.

Based on the memoir by Loung Ung, the film follows a young Combodian girl (played by Srey Moch) during her youth under the Pol Pot regime. Set against the backdrop of Vietnam War, the film appears unwilling to conceal any of the horrors the child warriors faced when they were forced to become soldiers.

Jolie directed the film and co-written with Ung the screenplay.


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