Colourpop will finally be available in Sephora this fall, and with new limited edition products too. According to Colourpop’s Instagram Live video, these limited edition products will only be available in Sephora (and not in their website) this holiday season!

Colourpop is a cult fave beauty brand because of its cheap prices and high quality makeup. It’s not a surprise beauty fans all over the world have at lease one or two Colourpop products in their stash, I know I do! A problem fans have been having for quite a while now is how to test the products before purchasing them.

Because Colourpop doesn’t have a physical store anywhere in the world, people take to YouTube or blogs to look at how the products look on different skin tones and how well they perform. Thankfully, this struggle is finally coming to an end as Colourpop has officially decided to enter Sephora.

The makeup brand will also be releasing limited edition items only available in Sephora and not on their website. That gives you all the more reason to visit a Sephora near you! But don’t you worry, Colourpop has dedicated themselves to their pricing and will keep that affordable $5 price tag.

As far as their announcement, Colourpop will only be sold at selected Sephora stores in the United States but they’re also thinking about expanding soon!


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