Whether you’re bored or just looking for background music while you do your work, this is the list for you. There are a bunch of really good YouTube playlists on chill and relaxing music so here’s a small compilation of the ones I personally enjoy. I found that these were great background noise while I’m writing a blog post or a journal entry.

They’re kind of like your coffee shop music! If you’re not digging your cafe’s soundtrack, then just plug in your headphones and listen to these great playlists. The good thing about them is that most of them last for 15 minutes to an hour plus they’re all absolutely free. And since most of them are indie, you won’t hear your mainstream bandwagon music which lessens the chances of you singing and dancing along to them.

I find that listening to music I’m not familiar with, or at least music I don’t understand, amps up my productivity!

Pro tip: Starbucks has a playlist on Spotify!


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