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A Cheetos Restaurant Called The Spotted Cheetah Will Open in New York

Cheetos will be opening its own restaurant in New York city but it’s only going to be there for three days. With all the Cheetos recipes you can find online, it’s not a surprise the popular snack brand would want to showcase all these unique recipes but in a more formal way. They have invited celebrity chef Anna Burrell to select the ones guests will be sure to enjoy.

The Spotted Cheetah

According to HelloGiggles, the Cheetos restaurant in New York will be named “The Spotted Cheetah” and will be offering dishes priced from $8 – $22. Menu items include Cheetos infused in popular food items like meatballs, nachos, and tacos. These are only some of the 11 signature dishes The Spotted Cheetah will be serving. We’re also hearing a lot about the Cheetos dessert choices like their White Cheddar Cheetos and Cheetos Sweetos Apple Crepes.

The Spotted Cheetah

This Cheetos restaurant only has three days in New York city starting from August 15 to August 17 of this year, so organizers do encourage the public to make a reservation prior to visiting.

If you find yourself in New York city on August 15 to 17, consider reserving a table on The Spotted Cheetah’s website.

The Spotted Cheetah


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