Going to work with emotional pain is a tiring thing. You have to constantly fight being on autopilot and get things done before you start doubting your own capabilities. Strangely, you’re wishing everything in your life must be perfect because a slight addition to your already broken state will send you down the abyss yet again.

Though I was dealing with intense emotional pain and still had to go to work, I was still able to deliver all the things I have to do and even participate actively in meetings. I did cry often and for long periods of time, though. Anyway, if you’re going through a significantly difficult time emotionally and need tips on how to survive a day’s work, here’s a simple deck I made!

During the first three weeks, I experienced a significant drop in drive to do absolutely anything. It was difficult to actually go to work because the commutes are dark and depressing. I couldn’t even go back home because my hometown just reminded me of all the painful memories. Because of this, it affected my pace at work a lot. I worked slower than ever before and it really affected how I viewed myself as an employee.

After a while, I realized that I had to accept the consequences of the situation. I was able to work around this by honoring my new pace. This time, I took more breaks but I was consistent in my productivity.

Emotional distress can lead you to live on autopilot – no drive, no motivation, just doing all the routine stuff. This is okay but you have to understand you have to slowly get out of it. You have to get your drive back and you have to find your drive in yourself. This is one of the only sustainable ways you can heal without depending on anything or anyone.

After breaking down every single day for three weeks, I figured I had to do something before I end up in a worse state. I approached a friend who introduced me to meditation. It helps me with my anxiety and the painful memories that pass by every now and then.

When these memories appear, I’ve learned not to block them out or pretend they didn’t happen. Instead, I’m now at ease with at least some of them. I really noticed a significant improvement in my healing ever since I started meditating. I still have a long way to go, but I’m glad I’m getting better. Oh and I do pace myself with meditation, since now I tend to depend on it too much when I’m feeling emotional pain!

For meditation, I use an app called Headspace. I tried a bunch of other meditation apps and YouTube videos, but most of them had me falling asleep. I wanted an active yet peaceful mind so I opted for this app instead, since it has a bunch  of animations that can help you visualize what’s happening in your mind. I super recommend this! The first 10 days are free but since I loved it so much I subscribed for a whole year!

Just know things will be okay soon even if you can’t see it now. Look forward to a day where you’ll look back to now and think, “Hey, I really did it!”


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