Charlotte Tilbury just came up with a new liquid lipstick collection aptly named the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips. The packaging alone screams “Golden Age of Hollywood” and upon application, it might just send you back to the 50’s and 60’s.

The Hollywood Lips come in 10 different shades, all in matte formulas but not at all drying because of the lipstick’s unique formula that includes beeswax and sea lavender.

The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips come in 10 different rosy shades with four of them available in lip kits. Each liquid lipstick comes with Charlotte Tilbury’s signature “Lip Hug” applicator, developed from the usual doe-foot applicator. The new applicator follows the natural depths of the lips allowing for a more natural pout effect.

Charlotte Tilbury

You would be missing a lot if you didn’t get your hands on Charlotte Tilbury’s lip collections. Many YouTubers and beauty experts have raved on and on about the Matte Revolution lipsticks, a year-long bestseller on the Charlotte Tilbury official website.

They have successfully brought and improved this formula to create the Charlotte Tilbury Holloywood Lips liquid lipstick that can beat any lip kit any time of year.

Many say that this new release and formula might just send Kylie’s liquid lip kits back to the idea room. Like Kylie’s, the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips liquid lip kits come in a smaller tube than its solo version, with a lip liner in the same shade.

Each liquid lipstick is priced at £24.00 (P1,600) and lip kits at £38.00 (P2,520). So it’s a lot more expensive than most lip kits, but it’s worth every penny if you got the guts to splurge!

The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Collection in all shades is currently available through the Charlotte Tilbury website.


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