Kim Kardashian-West’s KKW Beauty is set to release their KKW Beauty Powder Contour and Highlight Kit on August 22. Mark your calendars!

After the KKW Beauty liquid lip line and their double ended Crème Contour and Highlight Kits, Kim Kardashian figured it might just be the right time to release their powder contour kits. Many beauty enthusiasts have complained about the lack of product in KKW Beauty’s Crème Contour and Highlight Kits despite the good formula, so hopefully KKW Beauty has taken this to consideration and will provide their consumers with the amount of product worth the money.

Just like their Crème Contour and Highlight Kits, the palette will come in three shades in the same names – Light, Medium, and Dark.

The KKW Powder Contour and Highlight Kits will be released on August 22 at 12:00 p.m. EST.


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