Yoga may look like the chillest workout out there but trust me, it’s really not. It involves a lot of strength, flexibility, and the constant conditioning that comes with all of those. But before you hop into every yoga sequence you can find online, here are our top yoga videos and tips for every beginner:

Tip #1: Know the Proper Execution of Poses

Before I started learning yoga on YouTube, I took yoga basics for a semester back when I was in university. The basics class really helped me understand which muscles must work and stretch during a specific pose. It will also keep you away from injuries and also maximize your experience.

Tip #2: Understand Meditation First

The Yin Yoga class I took focused a lot on gratitude and the ability to be at ease with one’s thoughts – a foundation of meditation that took me a good 4 weeks to understand. Our minds can get overwhelmed with a bunch of thoughts at one time, which to me really adds to the difficulty of focusing on the asanas (yoga poses). Maybe try some simple meditation practices first days before your first class so you can get acquainted with the kind of disposition you will be bringing and sharing to the class. I’d like to think energy is contagious!

Tip #3: Condition Before Advancing

I’ve been physically weak since a very emotionally rattling event two months ago so my muscles aren’t as strong as before. Like the boastful fiery Aries that I am, I was confident in my head I can do the forearm balance or the Pincha Myaurasana.

So I tried it for a bit and I couldn’t even lift a leg off the ground from a plank position. I thought, okay, I have to take time to condition myself first and go back to the very beginning so I can build the strength I needed for advanced poses. For now, I’ll just keep this all in mind for inspiration!

Tip #4: Praise the Sun! (Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutation)

If you’re running out of yoga sequences to do, the Sun Salutation is always a good idea. More fast-paced Sun Salutations double as cardio and strength workout, but don’t forget to get guided first! The Sun Salutation, for me, is a great cool down routine after an hour in the gym. If I have a separate cool down though, I make sure to end my day with the salutations. They only take 15-20 minutes at most!



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