Podcasting is fast becoming the preferred medium of many; this writer, for one, is a champion of podcasts. Or the “pods,” as hip internet people likes to call it. Indeed it is the uniquely intimate nature of podcasting that’s affecting its wide audience today. When you listen to a podcast, you’re literally letting someone talk inside your head. This makes the advent of breakout pods such as Serial, This American Life, and Reply All all the more unsurprising.

On this article, we’re listing down three of our favorite podcast-listening apps you should install in your phone and start using if you haven’t already.

Best podcast app for iOS users: Apple Podcasts

The Best iOS and Android Podcast Apps You Should Use

This is a no-brainer. Apple’s Podcasts app is a minimalist yet fully-featured powerhouse that’s essential to anyone who enjoys listening podcasts and is running on an iOS ecosystem. The free app boasts an enormous number of podcasts available for streaming and download; in fact one if not the biggest library in this list.

Best podcast app for Android users: Pocket Casts

The Best iOS and Android Podcast Apps You Should Use

I can’t in good faith not mention Pocket Casts—hands-down the best podcast app for Android users. It has robust granular features for more enthusiastic listeners and an unassuming user experience design for those who are just starting out. It carries in its platforms just about every show that exists online, with the drawback of you having to pay for it. At the time of this writing, Pocket Casts costs $ 3.99 (around 150 PHP). If you want a free alternative, check out Short Orange.

Best podcast app for multi-platform users: Stitcher (Android, iOS)

The Best iOS and Android Podcast Apps You Should Use

Stitcher is a popular choice among pod listeners. And that’s for good reason. It has useful features absent in the above recommendations such as “playlists” which allows users to group different podcasts they listen to. It’s also ideal for people who switch in-between platforms as Stitcher has great apps for both iOS and Android devices.

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