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Help Charlottesville Victims By Buying This Matte Lipstick

On August 12, a rally was on its works in a mission to bring down the statue of General Robert E. Lee, a figure that symbolized the Confederacy. As the clash between protestors and counter-demonstrators was going on, a speeding car suddenly rammed through the anti-racist protesters and killed a 32-year-old woman and injured 19 individuals. White supremacy and racist movements still occur today, and the need to take action against these is heightened. We have to do something.

A brand called Lipslut proves that the beauty industry can take part in this terrifying scene. Lipslut launched their F*ck Trump matte liquid lipstick back in 2016 as a protest against Trump’s racism and sexism.

Lipslut creator and owner Katie Sones tells Refinery29, “It has always bothered me, especially in a time when our political system is so dysfunctional, that companies rarely speak out [against] social issues, despite holding large influence in our society. I don’t believe the fear of losing customers makes for an apt excuse to ignore human rights.”

For every sale of a F*ck Trump lipstick, 50% will be given to help the medical bills of the victims and their families, to Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP and BLM Charlottesville, and other organizations fighting racism and hate.


The F*ck Trump lipstick is priced at $19.95 before taxes, and comes in this rosy color that’s a favorite everyday shade. Lipslut is also proudly cruelty-free. You can purchase this lipstick from the Lipslut website.

* Top Photo from Lipslut


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