The D.C.E.U. (D.C. Extended Universe) keeps extending, much to the peaking and valleying of emotions of fans. Last year, we’re “treated” to a weakly wrought, flat-out misogynistic pomp of testosterone and machismo in Suicide Squad. As if to say sorry, D.C. released what is an infinitely better movie in Wonder Woman, which opened to a wide—and wild—acclaim.

The state of D.C.E.U. is anything but steady, but big names are still being involved, including that of Martin Scorsese, director of such films as Taxi Driver and The Wolf of Wallstreet. According to Deadline, Scorsese is looking to produce with The Hangover-director Todd Phillips a movie that properly tackles the origin of Joker.

D.C.E.U.’s current incarnation of Joker, as played by Jared Leto, last appeared in the generally derided Suicide Squad, but oddly didn’t get enough screen time, much to the chagrin of expectant fans. It would be interesting to see a full-fledged Joker movie touched by pairs of deft hands of both Scorsese and Phillips, but it appears D.C. and Warner Bros. might have different plans.

According to the same report from Deadline, the new Joker movie will be the “first film under a new banner that has yet to be named in which WB can expand the canon of DC properties and create unique storylines with different actors playing the iconic characters.” This means that there might be a whole new roster of actors and stories to play the iconic roles. If this was to push through, Ben Affleck, as ever reluctant to play the Caped Crusader, will be able to finally put the issue to rest. Batfleck, promising as it was when it lasted, would be no more.

Deadline says that Jared Leto won’t be involved in the new movie. The Suicide Squad sequel and Harley Quinn spinoff, meanwhile, are still a go in which he reprises his role as the Joker.

The new Joker movie doesn’t have a definite release date, obviously, but Phillips is said to be working on the script right now. We’ll keep you looped in.


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