Ever tethered to seemingly endless controversies, Swift’s return to the music scene could not, as the many dismissive tweets and posts indicate, be any more unfashionable. She took to Twitter to announce her new record, titled Reputation, and the internet couldn’t wrap its head around it, much less stop talking about it.

Take a look.

In this sense, unfortunately, the Swift has won (Yes, I’m recognizing that Taylor’s fame had made her worthy of “the + last name” treatment).

The cover art itself isn’t exactly supreme-looking. In it, her face is prominent, fierce and succinctly sends out the message that “bitch, it’s on, but also is overlaid with a bunch of news clippings that mention her. If in her previous records she had tried her darnedest to cater to her fans by telling her stories, Reputation, it seems like, will tell hers. 

Reputation, too, as a title for a record, alludes to a number of things. The first thing that comes to mind is her long-gestating beef with fellow pop artist Katy Perry—among others!—who recently royally dissed her in a Nicki Minaj collab, “Swish Swish”.

The punchline to this is its irony. Both Swift and Perry are proponents of some semblance of “feminism”—what it means or stands for, however, is completely up in the air. If, however, Reputation tops Perry’s Witness as the worst pop album of the year, I’d be very impressed.

This bit of news, of course, comes right off Swift’s win in a sexual assault lawsuit against radio host David Mueller who allegedly “groped” her.

Reputation is going to hit stores November 10th.


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