Sometimes our craving for Malaysian food can be too real. PappaRam Malaysian Kitchen is a hole-in-the-wall all the way in Marikina serving one of the best Mee Goreng we’ve had in a long while. We know this because it’s been over a month since we went here and we still keep asking ourselves when we can go back.

PappaRam didn’t start out this grand though. When Chef Ramzu Nasri started PappaRam, it was but a mere karinderya type place that served the simple Malaysian dishes he grew up with. As the business grew, he was able to transform his humble diner into this rustic restaurant with the Malaysian cityscape feel. You may feel a little cramped when you enter the place, but that’s just what their fresh outdoor seating is for!

We asked Chef Ramzu why he opened PappaRam in Marikina, and in Kalumpang of all places. “I think it was fate,” he answered. Lilac and Maginhawa were already growing that time he decided to open a restaurant, and wanted somewhere more peaceful and quiet. And when he saw this place while on a jeepney ride, he said it was the perfect one.

From a place with only a kitchen and a few tables and chairs, with only a curtain separating the diner from where Chef Ramzu and his wife settled in at night, PappaRam Malaysian Kitchen has grown into a restaurant you surely won’t regret travelling to Marikina for.

The PappaRam team prepared their Teh Tarik or Malaysian classic tea (P65) using the traditional tea pulling method.

We were then served with their Tahu Sumbat or Deep Fried Stuffed Beancurd (P135) as an appetizer. This one’s vegan-friendly! Their Tahu Sumbat is best eaten while the outside of the beancurd is still crispy. It’s the perfect appetizer/salad combo for the tofu lover!

Their Kerabu Manga Muda or Young Mango Salad (P115) is not like your usual ensalada. The roasted peanuts and green mango slices worked well together with the crispy dried fish and onions, giving you a fresh tasting salad with just the right balance of salt and a little bit of sweetness.

Don’t miss out on their Curry Laksa Power (P165)! It’s served with kalamansi and spicy sambal, Malaysia’s hot pepper paste. The laksa is packed with a bunch of fresh ingredients like eggplants, tofu, and string beans so I guess it’s safe to say you’re getting the whole food pyramid with just one serving of this.

This is it – the dish that makes us want to go back to PappaRam every single day. Many people prefer PappaRam’s laksa, but this Mee Goreng Mamak or Indian-Style Fried Noodles (P155) has a special place in our heart. For only P155, you’ll get a hefty serving of stir-fried noodles and their special fried chicken. You can’t say no to this with that price!

And last is their Ayam Goreng Berempah, their own Malaysian-style KFC fried chicken (P235) served with dried fish, peanuts, and sambal. It tastes just like KFC but spicier and with more depth in flavor. Of course, we won’t ask for their secret 12-spice recipe, but we’re betting it’s the sambal dipping sauce. No gravy? No problem.

PappaRam Malaysian Kitchen and Kopi Tiam

#45 JP Rizal Street, Kalumpang, Marikina City

11am – 11pm (Tuesday – Sunday), Closed on Mondays


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