Japanese citizens were advised through a text alert to take cover in a sturdy establishment as North Korea fires a missile over the northernmost island of Hokkaido. J-Alert, the same alert messaging system that warned Japan of the devastating natural disasters that happened before, sent a text message to residents of the country to take cover right away. Thankfully though, no casualties were reported.

While the missile did not create casualties or any devastating effects, J-Alert also warned its citizens not to touch anything suspicious especially if they live near the area the missile has directly flown over.

Rocket launch sirens were also heard all over Japan to warn their people.

The Telegraph reported that the missile landed “broke into three pieces and landed in the sea” east of Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also told Telegraph that this launch was “unprecedented and reckless” and places an “important threat” to their country.

*Top Photo – Anna Fifield


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