If your playlists already make you feel like living the life as a queen, wait until you listen to them in these bejewelled headphones. Lit Headphones came up with these handmade tiara and crown headphones that will instantly transform you into royalty.

From their website, each headphone’s ear pad housing is adorned with pearls and various bling. The top band is made out of metal, including the crown that could be detachable but actually isn’t. So really there’s no saving you from the grandeur these headphones carry.

Lit Headphones’ Tiara and Crown Headphones come in six different colors: White Queen, Black Queen, Red Reign, Winter Green, Royal Blue, and Winter Palace.

These headphones don’t come at a cheap price though. Each one is priced at $499.99 (~P25,000) so make sure you tick the right measurements for your crown headphones!

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