Farefetch is a new website designed to help people with significantly bad luck grabbing the cheapest airfare deals. Conversely, you can also use this website to get paid to book flights for people. Easy enough, right?

Book the cheapest flights in four simple steps.

You even have the option to choose an airline if you’re not cool with flying just any airplane. Next, you’ll be asked to input the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the flight. If you’re not sure, Farefetch also shows the lowest rate available as of date.

Take note that ‘farefetchers’ will need 24 hours to process your request and book a flight for you. While that is the case, Farefetch works real-time, so farefetchers all over the globe work right away and you’ll be able to get your budget-friendly flight just after 24 hours.

Also understand that farefetchers will book your flight right away, and you won’t be able to cancel or change your flight schedule unless you talk directly with the airline. You also don’t have control over which seat you’re getting unless the airline allows you to upon check-in.

Get paid to book flights.

According to the Farefetch website, farefetchers make around $20-30 hourly. You decide when you work and there are absolutely no joining fees. Besides, if your fare option is lower than the maximum budget the passenger indicated, you get to keep the difference. Easily sign up and know the deets of being a farefetcher here!

Photos from the Farefetch website


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