The photographer and models behind the popular ‘guy looking back’ meme finally break the silence and reveal what really was going on in this photo. Antonio Guillem, an advertising photographer based in Barcelona, recently revealed to New York Media’s Select All that he and the models were playing around with the concept of infidelity when they shot this. Guillem also said that while he treats his models like his own children, it was particularly hard to shoot this one because they had to make the faces look just right while battling the strong urge to laugh.

Guillem has been working as in the stock photo industry for 5 years now, 16 hours a week. This ‘guy looking back’ meme photo, though shot back in 2015, has been sold almost 700 times. His other photos sell seven to eight times more than that. He also sells almost 1,600 photos a day, so really the meme copyright thing isn’t much of an issue. Guillem didn’t even understand the concept of the meme until recently.

Using this photo without the license is actually illegal, but Antonio Guillem himself said it’s fine because he understands that people are just using this photo in good faith. All hail the memes!

Regarding what I think about the photo has gone viral, I think the image was a good foundation to whoever had the great idea to turn it into a metaphor that works for almost everything.

Antonio Guillem also revealed that the two models in the photo are Mario and Laura. The girl in red was not disclosed as she does not work for Guillem or his colleagues any longer. Select All also got in touch with models Mario and Laura who said that despite being an internet sensation, they still don’t get recognized on the streets. They both said that they have not been and will probably not be in a situation as that in the photo. Well, at least their only problem right now is how to manage all the notifications they’re getting on social media!


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