There’s this never-ending struggle to find your luggage on the baggage carousel. It’s especially hard for people with black, tan, and red bags because perhaps more than half of the population owns bags of those colors. But the struggle will now (finally) come to a close thanks to the Head Case by Firebox. Here, you can put your face on a luggage case and easily claim ownership on your once generic looking bag. And we’re not kidding, you really can wrap your luggage with your face.

Firebox came up with this nifty idea because nothing is more worrisome than the fear of having your bag claimed by another sleep-deprived human being. Thanks to their Head Cases, you can easily tell passengers to keep their hands off without running after them and shouting that such generic bag is truly yours. Of course, what is more attention-grabbing than a giant luggage wrap with your head printed on it.

Head Cases are made out of durable polyester spandex and a high-resolution photo of your whole head. The prices vary depending on the size, with £19.99 for the small, £24.99 for the medium, and £29.99 for the biggest one they have.


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