Social platforms seem to be riding on something of a “redesign wave” recently. Twitter notoriously embraced the new “rounded” look, followed by Facebook’s similarly drastic change for a more circular design language. YouTube, the one place on the internet where you loop cat videos and celebrity feud breakdowns, is also rolling one of its own.

The update, however, has been around for some time. Ever the valiant leakers of all good things on the internet, Redditors have early on found a neat way to “preview” YouTube’s new look.

YouTube Redesign: New Logo, Fresh U.I., and Vertical Video

The interface post-redesign feels less busy, with more prominent typography and more efficient use of negative space. The new U.I. also now supports Night Mode, because YouTube’s late in realizing that you succumb to the YouTube abyss at night if you had to have a preference.

YouTube Redesign: New Logo, Fresh U.I., and Vertical Video

In addition to this redesign, the site now flashes a brand-new logo. The now-iconic red play button is now featured alongside a brick of text. This isn’t too-far a departure from YouTube’s original red-black-and-white logo from the previous iteration.

YouTube has also introduced support for vertical videos. Videos shot vertically (9:16) instead of horizontally (16:9) will now appear in full, uncropped, in YouTube’s mobile apps. To me, this is to visually appease users’ mistakes for not using their smartphone cameras directly. Regardless, it’s a neat feature that rids of those pesky black bars.

YouTube Redesign: New Logo, Fresh U.I., and Vertical Video

Vertical videos are now live, along with other features (such as gesture control, browse while watching, and playback speed adjustments) that YouTube is testing.  Watch the video below for a full breakdown of the features.


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