The newest meme is a swimming cat. Yeah, you heard that right – a cat in water. Hurricane Harvey left parts of Texas in high floods forcing people to evacuate to shelters and this cat to swim his way to survival. No one knows where he came from or if he’s a pet cat, but we know he’s pissed.

Pissed-off Harvey cat, as referred to by Mashable, is tired of all the crappy things life is throwing at him. I mean, just look at that facial expression. It’s almost as if this is the meme to finally physically manifest all our hidden rage and angst. He looks like he’s about the file a lawsuit after he gets out of the flood.

Mashable also reported that this photo was captured by photographer Scott Olson in Houston just last week. And KPRC 2 Houston confirmed that this cat has made it out alive! Hopefully though, this is the right cat.

As the safety of stray animals is quite a pressing issue after a disaster, Los Angeles Times confirms that officials and residents in Houston are currently doing their best to round up all the stray animals left after the flood. This rescue act was a lesson learned from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.


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