Red balloons were found tied on sewer gates in Pennsylvania as if from the recent horror film It. In the film, Pennywise the clown hides in the sewers waiting to kidnap children. The moment he does, he ties a floating red balloon on the sewer gate. In the book, Pennywise tries to lure a boy named George with the balloon, only to kidnap him and sever his limbs.

The Lititz Borough Police Department was not at all pleased with finding red balloons tied to sewer gates around their town. Because of the terrifying message this balloon delivers, police had to remove the balloons and inform the people through social media that this was just a prank.

In Australia, the same action was done but with the balloon accompanied by a spray-painted message on the pavement promoting the film, “It is closer than you think. #ItMovie in cinemas September 7”.

Because the balloons in Pennsylvania did not have any promotional message on them, they created quite a stir among the citizens and the police prompting officials to quickly take necessary action.


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