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Fellow citizens of Sawi City, the ‘IDILY’ soundtrack is here!

Get it for just 349 pesos!

La Union. Best friends. Repressed urges. Sobering up—but how? Why would you give up alcohol?

This grossly surmises the central conflict in J.P. Habac’s romantic drama, I’m Drunk, I Love You. It stars Maja Salvador and Paolo Avelino as college best friends confronted by one’s feelings for each other.

There’s ample music to be had in the film, many of which enamored fans. As a reply, TBA (Tuko / Buchiboy / Artikulo Uno) is finally releasing the film’s official soundtrack, which includes songs such as “Basta’t Kasama Kita” by Kai Honasan, “Huling Gabi” by Maja Salvador, and “Burnout” by 3D. There are 10 tracks in the IDILY OST in total.

The CD goes out for P349 pesos at the Cinema ‘76 Film Society at 160 Luna Mencias Street, Barangay Addition Hills, San Juan City.

Reach out to the folks at Cinema ‘76 Film Society on Facebook or Twitter if you have questions.


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