It’s finally September and that only means one thing here in the Philippines – the start of the Christmas season. Too early? Nah, not here. I’ve seen stores with their Christmas trees up on display already. It’s never too early for Christmas here. And besides, you can always buy your gifts 3 months earlier to skip the last minute Christmas rush.

We’ve been feeling the Christmas spirit already ever since this month started so here are 10 easy ways you can prepare for the most wonderful time of the year just like what we’re doing right at this moment:

1. Bring in the fairy lights.

Yeah, just bring them in. No questions asked. Put them around your table, stick lines of them on the wall, just bring them in.

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2. Buy Christmas gift wrappers.

Maybe use them to wrap your notebooks or your life.

3. Blast that Jose Mari Chan playlist.

Don’t know where to find one? *gasps audibly*

4. Gradually transition your wardrobe to include reds, greens, and golds.

And lots of sparkle.

5. Save up for gifts.

Okay, here’s a more practical one. Since Christmas is a good hundred days away, it would be great to save up for the gifts you plan to give to your family and friends! Saves you from the dreaded bill shock. You can even use this time to save up for a gift to yourself.

6. Stock up on greeting cards and gift tags.

Nothing’s more stressful than running out of greeting cards and gift tags while you’re cramming all the gift wrapping. They’re always available in your local bookstore but if you’re the creative kind, you should try making and designing your own this year!


7. List down gift ideas.

List down the people you’re planning to give gifts to and gradually fill it in with what you want to give them for Christmas. It’ll save you time in the mall.

8. Plans to travel? Book now.

Get your plane tickets as soon as you’ve decided you’re spending Christmas elsewhere!

9. Take decorating inspiration from Pinterest

Want to change it up this year? Decorate your tree and your house a different color scheme. There’s a bunch of unique and quirky ideas on Pinterest!

10. Experiment with Christmas cookie recipes!

Showstopper cookies take some time so plan your recipes early!


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