This week is something of an event episode for the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime. Ash Ketchum is returning to his homeland, Kanto, to reunite with his Pokémon and his childhood pals, Misty and Brock. All aboard the nostalgia Poké-train!

Watch the thirty-seconder promo here:

There’s plenty to unpack from that teaser, but allow me to list some highlights.

  • Jigglypuff makes an appearance, ready to scribble on faces of those that fall asleep amidst its singing.
  • Brock, ever suspect fall under a woman’s charm, lets his Ninetails play with Lillie’s Alolan Vulpix.
  • Ash’s Muk seems very happy to see him. Even offers a big, slimy, smelly bro-hug.
  • Ash is reunited with his Bulbasaur, lending to one of the sweetest moments from the teaser.
  • It is currently unknown if Ash and Misty will entertain the idea of being a couple, rendering the millions of fan-fics on the internet prophetic.

Didn’t make the cut in the above promo: Ash’s pack of 30 Tauros. The episode in which Ash retrieved the pack was banned from the Americas due to the nature of the episode in which a man pulls out a gun on Ash, Misty, and Brock. As Twitter user @pancakeparadox notes, “they all missed him”.

The episode will air on September 14th (in Japan).


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