Today in “let’s-make-an-Apple-fanboy-come-in-his-pants” kind of news. 9to5Mac have collected a number of interesting new features, including these animated emojis aptly called “animoji”. This comes after months of speculation on what exactly the new iPhone will look like and—more importantly—how it will actually work.

On this post, we share a comprehensive guide to animoji based on everything that we know of it so far.

What are animoji?

The leak lists the animoji as “custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions”.

Animoji are created using facial expressions

If you scoffed at the idea of animated emojis, gulp that back.

While it’s true that both Snapchat and Facebook’s array of Stories platforms made a crack out of developing interesting animated assets, Apple’s taking it up a notch by allowing their users create animoji using facial expressions.

According to the site’s examination of the leak, the animoji will be produced based on different facial gestures like eyebrow and jaw movements which will be read, presumably, through Face ID.

All the Animoji you can create

Unsurprisingly, there’s only so many animoji you can create. Among those confirmed are the poop, robot, monkey, unicorn, alien, pig, cat, chicken, fox, rabbit, panda, and dog. But let’s face it, the only emoji that truly matters is the poop emoji.

The poop emoji is the metaphor of our times.

Animoji is still limited in terms of capability and availability—and that’s understandable.

The leak also that the animoji will only be available in the Messages app for now. Also, the animoji will be available only on the new OLED version of the iPhone with face tracking. If you want the animated poop emoji, you’d have to pay top dollar.

Apple’s September event is upon us, and with this juicy bit of software leak, you’d be right to expect that Apple will have someone do a tutorial on how to contort your face just right to produce the perfect animoji.


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