We tried the Starbucks Teavana Frozen Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe and here’s what we think. 

Starbucks Philippines added two new drinks to their Teavana line and your resident Typist PH tea girl can’t be any happier. Starbucks Philippines has long given its focus on its coffee and Frappuccino drinks, which leaves only a few options for tea lovers. It was even a surprise to us to hear that Starbucks would be releasing two new frozen Teavana drinks – the Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe and a frozen version of their Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls.

The Frozen Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls is a format variation of its iced version that has been on the Starbucks Philippines menu for quite some time now.

Starbucks Philippines

The “real” new one is the Frozen Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe which is the one we opted to try.

Starbucks Philippines

What’s inside the Frozen Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe?

This frozen drink’s base is Starbucks’ Signature Chamomile tea. It is blended with Honey white grape puree, and topped with Kyoho grapes and aloe jelly. The drink is ice blended so it’s like a slushy!

Kyoho grapes are actually a purple color, but are of the slip-skin variety meaning their skin separates from the fruit easily. The Kyoho originates from Japan and is traditionally served peeled and sweetened for desserts and beverages.

What does the Frozen Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe taste like?

If you’ve had Chamomile tea before, it tastes exactly like that but with lots of ice and syrup. If not, it’s a light and sweet flowery flavor with hints of something like peppermint. It’s not as earthy as your green teas and has been found to taste like crisp apple. For me though, it’s a little more like peppermint. Chamomile has also been known to calm and soothe the muscles, making it the perfect tea before bedtime. Oddly enough, this drink gave me a sugar rush.

The grape puree and aloe jelly were refreshing bursts of flavor, although they both tasted almost the same. Remember the grape flavored juice drinks you had as a kid? It’s just like that but in jelly form. It complemented the Chamomile tea quite well and balanced the strong peppermint-like taste with the grape flavor and its honey sweetness.

Overall Rating

Overall, it’s a 7.5/10. I preferred this over Starbucks’ Acai drink because of its light and refreshing taste. This drink also comes in iced format if you want to stay away from the brain freeze!


The Starbucks Frozen Chamomile Tea with Kyoho Grape and Aloe is priced at P150 for a tall, P165 for a grande, and P180 for a venti.

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