Aside from the Instagram Stories for desktop and threaded replies, there’s another Instagram update taking the internet by storm. But this time, people aren’t quite in favor. The new update changes your instagram feed into a 4-column gallery from its original 3-column one. This would be a small change to some but for those who have been curating their IG feeds for so long, it’s devastating.

We checked our IG feeds just recently and it was still in its original layout. However, some have already seen the horrible consequences of this new update.

If you have a solid theme throughout your photos, it would still look okay. Though some users did find this a bit off.

According to Refinery29, Instagram does random tests on selected users before they launch a new update. This must be why some users are seeing this 4-column update while others did not experience the same thing. And there has been no news of Instagram officially announcing this new look. We’re praying it might just be an option where you can choose which layout works best for you.


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