Apple claims Face ID to be very robust. In fact, Apple is so confident that the new security feature is virtually impenetrable; they say they had worked hard in making sure that “Face ID can’t be easily spoofed by things.” Meaning, if everything runs smoothly, you’d have a hard time tricking it with pictures, masks, and other things.

The internet, however, isn’t convinced. It also didn’t take long before they threw in hypothetical scenarios in which the new Face ID isn’t as invincible as Apple makes it out to be.

The iPhone X is finally here!

Want an iPhone X? You Probably Can’t Get One Until Next Year.

And here is where your friendly neighborhood grepa jumps on the bandwagon with a full band of characters who would—technically—be able to bypass Apple’s new security feature.

Arya Stark (from Game Of Thrones)

The girl with no face, just an infinite number of fake ones. Ones I’m sure will make it through Face ID. It sure worked when she murdered a diner-full of Walder Frey’s people. Why shouldn’t it work now?

Mystique (from X-Men)

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Mystique has the ability to morph into a different being at will, which is an effective ability to mediate the life-long rivalry and friendship between Charles Xavier and Magneto, sure, but also hacking Apple’s supposedly impenetrable Face ID.

Pennywise, the Dancing Clown (from It)

The harbinger of terror in the town of Derry, Maine is an efficient shapeshifter, taking the forms of an individual’s deepest, darkest fears. I wonder if Martial Law becoming (again) our reality has an iPhone X Pennywise could hack.

The Thing (from The Thing)

In both the Howard Hawks original and the John Carpenter remake, The Thing is a parasite that needs to find a human host. Not only will it infiltrate your DMs, it will most definitely take over your body to feed on other humans as well.

Hannibal Bates (from The Flash)

Inspired by two of the most notorious serial killers in fiction, Hannibal Bates (a.k.a. Everyman) is a villainous shape shifter who takes the form of his victim after he’d eaten its flesh. If Hannibal Bates has successfully hacked his way through your phone, it wouldn’t matter to you because you’d probably mere chunks being ingested in Bates’ stomach.

Martian Manhunter (from Justice League Of America)

A key member of the J.L.A., Martian Manhunter helps his superhuman allies by making use of his abilities, including shapeshifting. If a mission entails the hacking of an iPhone via Face ID, I’m sure Martian Manhunter would be up for the task.

Aku (from Samurai Jack)

There’s a pivotal episode in Samurai Jack in which Aku, the show’s villain, turns into a beautiful woman. Shapeshifting is only one among the host of powers that Aku possesses, but should it choose to use it to hack your phone, there’s no doubt Aku would be successful.

Ditto (from Pokemon)

If Pokémon used iPhones, Ditto would have an easy time bypassing the new Face ID feature. Ditto’s ability to copy any Pokémon gives it easy access to all of Pikachu’s nudes.

Paolo Ballesteros (from, uh, real life)

Image result for paolo ballesteros

I mean…

Image result for paolo ballesteros

Image result for paolo ballesteros


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