Android users will admit only to a few faults of their preferred OS. Among those is their native SMS messaging app. This is due to a number of factors, but it’s mainly because of different OEMs. Different OEMs mean different creative visions. This means different design languages and different sets of features and functionalities.

The result? Erm, not very good—at least to the users. iOS has a unified design language, at the very least, and it’s hard to beat consistent, good design with hit-or-miss variety. iMessage, I would argue, is the best iOS app known to man, but what’s its Android equivalent? Just what is the best SMS messaging app on Android?

I know just what. Textra.

Before I go into the reasons why I think this is, in fact, the best, let me preface this that I’ve tried many SMS apps. I appreciate Google’s home-developed Messages app, which has the essentials pinned down. In fact, I recommend it too, but I don’t think it’s necessarily “the best”. I think Textra is. Here’s why.

Customization options y’all

One of the more attractive features of Textra is its granular customization features. You can customize the look of the app from head to toe. From colors to font styles, Textra gives you customization control to make the app look exactly the way you want it.

It’s feature-rich, like really rich

Textra comes packed with useful features like canceling a text message whilst it’s sending, quick-reply on top of any app you’re currently using, and partial copying (not the entire speech bubble). These features are, technically, small, but they’re ones that make up a greater experience.

Inclusive emoji sets

 Textra SMS- screenshot

Have F.O.M.O.? It exists in many forms. Not strange or rare is the fear of missing out with emojis your phone doesn’t have. Luckily, Textra will support emoji from different platforms. You can use a bunch of emoji sets from iOS, Twitter, Emoji One, and more.

It’s free. Kinda.

Textra’s core features—which run, take note, a very extensive list of useful features—is free. There are very occasional ads that might pop up here and there, but in no instance that it feels too obtrusive. If you want those removed, the ad-free version which sets you back $0.99—a very small but worth price to pay.


Textra is hands-down Typist PH’s best SMS messaging app on Android. Until something better comes along, I’ll be sticking with this app as the hub of many puns I send via texts, much to the depression of friends and family.


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