120km away from Mexico City near Puebla was the epicenter of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that left almost 140 people dead and costing hundreds of millions in economic losses. According to the Richter scale, 7.1 magnitude earthquakes are strong enough to cause buildings to collapse. Even well-designed buildings can be damaged too.


This happened on the 32-year anniversary of a 8.0 magnitude that hit Mexico City as well. Back in 1985, 5,000 people were reported dead and hundreds of buildings were totally crumbled. In an article by CNN, Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto reports 27 collapsed buildings. Reports say that thousands of people may still be trapped in the rubble.

Those in safe areas were able to capture collapsing of buildings in the city.

The earthquake is only as shallow as 51km below ground, causing major casualties regardless of magnitude.

While rescue teams were quick to respond, this entails gruelling weeks ahead in evacuation centers and camps. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweets his and his country’s solidarity with the people of Mexico and will extend as much help as they can.


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