What’s a filmmaker to do when he’s made a good adaptation of a beloved Stephen King novel? Well, adapt Locke & Key, co-created by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill, that’s what!

Fresh off the success of his new film, It, director Andy Muschietti has been tapped to helm Hulu’s adaptation of Locke & Key, a horror-fantasy graphic novel written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. He takes over directing duties from Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism Of Emily Rose) whose schedule couldn’t fit another pilot, what with his other T.V. stint directing the pilot of the new Snowpiercer series.

Andy Muschietti

The project has been long-gestating. In fact, a discontinued pilot from FOX popped up sometime in 2011 to some warm reception from critics and fans alike. The new series will apparently take a different approach, this time with Joe Hill writing.

Locke & Key follows three siblings who, after moving into their new home, discover mysterious keys which store such immense power—power that an even more mysterious demon will stop at nothing to attain. Here are a few clips from the graphic novel to help you know what’s up.

No release date has been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Follow me on Twitter!


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