This yellow Labrador rescue dog from the Mexican navy (SEMAR) has been Mexico City’s silent hero for the past few days. Frida the Labrador has been doing her whole life, having already saved 52 lives as a rescue dog, according to The Telegraph. Although she’s only 6 years old, she has already made impact on humans in need. And of course, she hasn’t stopped since.

Recently Frida has been helping her humans rescue people trapped in the rubble after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City. Reports say almost 220 people have been found dead after the calamity. The source of the quake is shallow below ground, causing major destruction in the city and the places surrounding it.

Geared up with her trusty waistcoat, boots, and googles, Frida is set for another day of rescue. Even the President himself was impressed with Frida’s perseverance.

Rescue teams have been working tirelessly searching crumbled buildings for any signs of life.

*Top Image from @PueAPrimeraHora and @omarbamm

The 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake That Hit Mexico


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